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We work in partnership with Glantawe Outdoor Education Academy who are centred in Glantawe Riverside Park in Pontardawe - a beautiful 25 acre site that includes a range of environments from grassland through to dense woodland. The park is richly endowed with habitats and sits alongside the Swansea Valley Canal with the meandering river Tawe running neatly through the middle.


Our Programmes are focussed on the growing need for Educational Professionals to understand the positive impact of the Natural Environment has on Children, Youg People and the Teachers that have the responsibilty of their education. The positive effect on the well-being, engagement and enjoyment of the educational process is academically well documented and programmes here at the park have generated a robust evidencial base that confirms this.


We work with many Secondary and Primary Schools to embed natural contact into the curriculum, designing accredited courses to suit the pupils needs wherever necesaary. Our research has shown that the effects of outdoor environments  on young minds are little understood, with emphasis being made on short term intercessions whereas long term early intervention is arguably the most effective and lasting.


We are working on programmes with primary schools to create the possibility improving behaviour thereby integrating classes and visibly reducing the need to segregate pupils currently labelledas disruptive or disengaged.


We have worked primarily with children and young people categorised as "disengaged" for a multitude of reasons, and this type of intervention in their personal growth processes results in individuals with far more positively balanced outlooks, benefiting their communities enormously. We have seen significant improvements in attitude, engagement in the classroom, behaviour and attendance.  Our programmes will pass on our knowledge and experience so that other schools can understand and use the same methodologies to foster positive change in their own schools.


The programmes. which are certified as CPD are:


Programme 1 - One Day  Introductory                                                                                       Cost is £148pp, minimum persons 10 per course.

This is an introduction to the process of natural engagement, and is a gateway to understanding some of the secrets of how to make the natural environmental contact work for the school, the pupil and teacher alike. The day is held predominantly outdoors and will include practical and reflective elements.


Programme 2 - Two days                                                                                    Cost £136pp, Minimum 10 persons per course.

This will include Programme 1 plus consolidation of learning over additional two days, either in conjunction with their own or other groups. Opportinities to understand, discuss and put into practice successful cutting edge methodologies currently being used to Reflection on own practice with opportunities to increase knowledge of teaching practice away from the classroom.


Programme 4 - Five days                                                                                        Cost £520pp, Minimum 10 persons per course.

As Programme 2, plus participants will have opportunities to increase practical knowledge in order to become prime movers in their own schools. Additional to this Programme is the ability to return to the Academy and share experiences, discuss and lead best practice in this innovative approach - contributing to academic works and

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