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Why should you use us?


Most importantly, we know your business, and will delived an educational experience that is appropriate to you, your staff and pupils. Established over 15 years, our courses are delivered by highly experienced and qualified staff that are DBS checked. All our courses are accredited by an Offqual AO, and we are accredited to  ISO9001:2008 -  these together give the quality assurance which addresses the issue of due dilligence.


We regularly provide a wide range of courses to Schools, Colleges and Universities across the length of Wales, and our students include all levels within education - University Lecturers, Teachers, Pupils and those young people with more specific behavioural needs.


What are our Methods?


As professional educators, we are aware of the value of contextualising learning. We ensure learners are able to use practical knowledge by using that knowledge in as realistic a situation as possible - this is accomplished through scenario-based events where we can use your past problems combined with our experience to give you real skills. We extensively use problem and anecdote-based learning  to create and test the ability to solve first aid problems.


We are also concerned about the way you retain skills, and to that end offer limitless skill updates on future courses free of charge up to the renewal period.


What can we provide?


Apart from the outdoor first aid courses which can be viewed elsewhere on this site, we can deliver three basic first aid options.


1 x Day EFAW - Emergency First Aid at Work - This is a basic first aid course which provides an understanding of basic life-saving skills


2 x Day EFAW - Emergency First Aid at Work - This takes the basic one day and integrates scenario-based events into the EFAW sylabus to ensure sound understanding of the practical skill application. This will result in an emergency first aider much more confident and able to deliver aid when necessary.


3 x Day FAAW - First Aid at Work - This takes the 2 x Day EFAW and adds skills and subjects to make the student a full First Aider in the Workplace.



We are always available to discuss your requirements and are happy to meet and discuss this further.

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School First Aid - Accredited School-Specific Courses

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We hold courses at our own training centres, or at your location


If you are a local or education  authority, charitable body or voluntary organisation, email for prices.



1 x Day EFAW - Course Cost £588 Max 12 Individual cost £70


2 x Day EFAW - Course Cost £1008 Max 12 Individual cost £140


3 x Day FAAW - Course Cost £1140 Max 12 Individual cost £190