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Before undertaking a training course for yourself or your employees, please do call us to have a brief discussion relating to your current knowledge and, if applicable, any previous training you or your employees may have had. On this page you will find some brief descriptions of the courses we have available to you. If you need any more information or a detailed syllabus for any of the courses then don’t hesitate to call or email us and we will be happy to help in any way we can.


Courses can be run in our Training facilities, or at your location.


First Aid at Work (FaAW) 3-Day Course

This course covers the legal, theoretical and practical issues relating to First Aid at work, as well as a host of basic first aid techniques vital to any First Aider. No previous knowledge of first aid is necessary, but time for home study to get the most out of this course is essential. We would recommend a minimum of one hour revision per night. Certificates are valid for three years.


Price Per Person £190


First Aid At Work (FAAW) 2-Day Refresher Course for Certification

To be taken 28 days min after the expiry of an FAAW certificate in order to continue your qualification. This course, consisting of theoretical and practical work, will update and refresh your knowledge of First Aid at work. As with the FAAW 3-Day course, the certificate is valid for three years.

If your certificate has already expired by over 28 days, you need to take the 3-Day course again.

 This course content conforms to the Health & Safety Executive requirements under HSE Reg’s (First Aid) 1981.


Two Day Recommended Annual Refresher - £95 per person, £540 per course


Price Per Person £95


Emergency First Aid at Work (and Skills Update 1 x day Course)

This course deals with the everyday emergency care of an injured patient, covering issues such as resuscitation, burns, fractures and more. The course runs for 6 hours.


Price Per Person £70


Emergency Aid

This course covers only the essentials of emergency care for the unconscious patient and resuscitation for an adult. It is up-to-the-minute in content and practical in its delivery, and runs for four or two hours. Certificates are valid for three years.


Price Per Person £35


Defibrillator - Using AED

Use of the Automated External Defibrillator in Emergency situations. The course runs for 8 hours (1 day). Minimum 6 Persons - Maximum 12.


Price per person £25.00


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